The Importance of Museums to Zoologists

Hi! Been very busy recently so a big sorry for not posting for a while, I have been working on a short film to promote the Manchester Museum, and show the work I do behind the scenes as a museum volunteer. I aim to show Zoologists like me how important the museum is to their education.

The good news- the video is all finished and you can see it below, with a short description of the video which I wrote to accompany it on the Manchester Entomology Blog!

Hi I’m Molly Czachur, a Zoology student at the University of Manchester, and a volunteer in the Entomology department. I work on the recuration and updating of nomenclature of the Crustacean collection here at the museum, where we have over 500 specimens of crabs, lobsters and other Crustacea. I made this video “The Importance of Museums to Zoologists” for my fellow Zoology students, in an attempt to show them how cool the museum really is, and how there is so much knowledge held within the walls of the museum that I was not aware of before becoming a volunteer. In the video you can see the spirit collections, the dry collections and I have pointed out a few of my favourite crabs: The Hairy Stone Crab, The Long-Eyed Swimming Crab and the Long-Legged Spider Crab. Big thanks for help with the commentary by my friend Lauren, who was the presenter in the documentary.

I hope you enjoy, and see the importance of the work which goes on in the museum, both for a scientists education, and for the museum in its preservation of specimens for people in years to come.

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