Shimba hills nature reserve

It was an early morning to begin our safari day, and I always enjoy watching the moon fade as the sky goes from starry black to blue. The stars here are incredibly bright and in the daytime the sky is so, so blue that I could stare up there all day and night.

We arrived and drove into the lush green park where we cruised around with a tour guide. We saw lots of buffalo, monkeys, antelope, and LOTS of butterflies… It must be a good time of year for them as we’re coming to the end of a wet season and they are everywhere.

We were greeted by two beautiful giraffes towards the end of the safari, one either side of the vehicle. We then stopped at a nearby lookout where we were met by armed guards. We took a 4km hike which stopped at a beautiful waterfall. Our whole group, totally unprepared, couldn’t resist the water so we went swimming in our clothes (and our professor stripped down to his underwear)!

Fantastic end to the two week mangrove training, and a great group of people to spend time with!

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