Celebrating #MangroveActionDay with @MangroveProject

Here’s one of my photo entries for the MAP mangrove photo competition! This photo was taken at the Mikoko Pamoja book launch, where Mikoko Pamoja carbon funds earnt by the community were spent on boosting local education. You can enter the photography competition too by clicking here.

Mangroves are community

Mangroves are capable of storing a large amount of carbon, removing carbon from the atmosphere and locking it in the trees and soils. Conserving mangroves therefore helps us to fight climate change, and in south coast Kenya local villages involved in the Mikoko Pamoja project are conserving their mangroves, and in turn ‘selling’ the carbon that they store! This year, the community decided to spend its carbon earnings on school books for the local primary school. These books will change lives, giving children the opportunity to learn and grow, and the books are a fruit of the mangrove conservation work the community has carried out. Community conservation of mangroves is boosting education, and knowledge is power!

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