Molly Czachur: Leading Women in Marine Science

Read all about our work in South Africa in this great post from the “Leading Women in Marine Science” blog series by Hannah Rudd!

Leading Women in Marine Science

Molly Czachur 3Molly Czachur is working towards her PhD in Zoology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She is describing coastal fish biodiversity using an environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding approach.

Molly’s journey into Marine Biology started at the University of Manchester where she began her BSc in Zoology, before transferring to Bangor University for a BSc Joint Honours in Marine Biology and Zoology. Molly graduated from Bangor with an MSci Master of Marine Biology with International Experience. She has worked on various marine systems and organisms, from the effects of bioacidification on shark development (Manchester), gene expression (Germany) and echinoculture (Bangor) to mangrove biodiversity (Kenya).

Briefly describe your current work and your research.

I am researching the biodiversity of fishes across the South African coastline. Interestingly, these fishes (and all organisms) shed DNA into the environment as they move and exist in their habitat, and the DNA that they shed can come from…

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