Science outreach is prize-worthy!

I recently won another prize for my contributions towards science outreach. This time it wasn’t a science communication competition- it was at a scientific conference full of scientists! I feel like this is a huge step forward for science communication, because in the scientific community we are often made to feel like communicating science is a “fun” side hobby. This shows that it’s not only important, but you can also win prizes for it, and other scientists are recognising it as important!

I was awarded an FSBI Highly Commended prize for contributions to outreach related activities during the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) annual symposium 2019 on Advances in eDNA based approaches to fish ecology and management. The symposium was held in Hull, UK from 15th – 19th July 2019, and hosted a range of researchers from across the globe who are utilising eDNA methodologies to answer a range of ecological questions.

The FSBI prize was awarded after I presented my eDNA metabarcoding research, which focusses on South African coastal fishes, and I showcased some of the outreach materials that I have created for communicating our eDNA research.

That’s one small step for science, one giant leap for science communication!!!

I received a little certificate (yes, this is definitely now pasted proudly on my office wall!), a brand new text book, and a voucher for a book store in the UK!

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