Feeling creative on #internationalmuseumday

I have been constantly inspired by working at museums... and today on International Museum Day 2017 I'd like to share a video I created whilst working at Manchester Museum a couple of years ago. I was working on a collection of crustaceans, but had the opportunity to explore so many other uses of the museum. One rainy …

Celebrating #worldelephantday

It's world elephant day today, and I've just returned from Tsavo East national park, Kenya. This park is home to the largest group of elephants in Kenya, with over 12,500 individuals, representing around one third of all elephants in the country. It was breathtaking to see these animals. We saw them at the watering hole, …

Celebrating #MangroveActionDay with @MangroveProject

Here's one of my photo entries for the MAP mangrove photo competition! This photo was taken at the Mikoko Pamoja book launch, where Mikoko Pamoja carbon funds earnt by the community were spent on boosting local education. You can enter the photography competition too by clicking here. Mangroves are community Mangroves are capable of storing …

How does mangrove carbon offset work?

  Coastal livelihood and mangroves Coastal villages often heavily rely on fishing for livelihood, and also often have houses and buildings close to the shore. Areas of coast with mangrove forests benefit from the mangroves supporting large fisheries, and also protecting the shoreline from erosion and sedimentation. Although these benefits are significant to the local …

Measuring tree DBH with #mikokopamoja

Hundreds of Casaurina trees were planted in the villages of Gazi and Makongeni to provide an alternative livelihood for local people. These trees are fast growing and straight, ideal qualities for producing wood construction poles. This wood is hopefully going to provide enough income to reduce local harvesting of mangrove trees, which are often cut …

Casuarina Planting at Gazi Primary School

7 years since the Gazi wood lots were planted, and this week we are measuring them to assess which trees are ready for harvest! Great to be a part of Mikoko Pamoja team carrying out this work!

Gazi Mangrove Project

Row of Children PlantingYesterday, 193 students at Gazi Primary School participated in planting nearly 300 Casuarina seedlings on school grounds.  These seedlings will supplement the 3,000 trees recently planted as part of the Gazi Mangrove Project.

The students learned that Casuarina trees are hard wood trees that can be used as a substitute for mangroves in building materials and fuel.  The children will be responsible for tending to the seedlings on campus, to ensure that they grow into healthy, hardy trees.

Here are some pictures from the day’s events.

Corner Planting

Girls with SeedlingsGirl and Boy PlantGirl Planting

Gazi Primary Students

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Shimba hills nature reserve

It was an early morning to begin our safari day, and I always enjoy watching the moon fade as the sky goes from starry black to blue. The stars here are incredibly bright and in the daytime the sky is so, so blue that I could stare up there all day and night. We arrived …