SCUBA diving in Anglesey, UK

All my UK diving so far has been with Anglesey Divers (click here for the website!), and I would thoroughly recommend them if you find yourself in this neck of the woods- a great bunch of guys who are professional and a good laugh! Believe it or not, those beautiful clear blue waters in the photo …

Bottlenose Dolphins off Holyhead, UK!

On a lucky boat survey we came across a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins, and it was incredible! Luckily I had my gopro and Jon our skipper had a huge pole. Pole + gopro = exciting video times! See my video below, or read this article that the newspaper wrote about our boat trip.

Sea urchin respirometry

I have been working out how much my sea urchins are using up oxygen using closed chamber respirometry jars. The amount of oxygen consumed by the urchins is an indicator of metabolism, and possibly stress. To measure the oxygen content of the seawater in the jar, I can place a fiber optic cable onto the …

A poem inspired by a visit to the Manchester Museum

I thoroughly recommend Manchester Museum for any age. There’s lots going on there, and there are many ways to enjoy the exhibits. Here are a couple of videos I filmed and edited for Manchester Museum, showing the journey that Helen Clare took when writing her poetry that’s inspired by the museum collections.

Entomology Manchester

Writing a poem seems to be a mystery for many people, and it is indeed an act of creativity by those who are able to observe the world within or around them and to perceive it in a new way. A poem can be about anything, from old love memories to a crawling bug; it is about capturing a feeling that you have experienced. However, it’s hard to know where you should start. Helen Clare, a freelance writer and poet from Manchester, presents a possible approach to how to write a poem on the basis of, say, a visit to the Manchester Museum. If you want to know how to write a poem, this story is for you.

Below you can listen to the poem narrated and presented by Helen Clare. The printed text of the poem can be found here.

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Mismatch of Legs

Recently I was sorting through all the specimens which either had no name, or were mixed in with other species so their individual identity was unknown. I came across this relatively small box of 12 specimens. As you can imagine, they were piled into the box, with legs and claws everywhere! To say the least …