Media projects

Young Science Communicator winner – This is my winning entry for YSCC 2018, where I designed a comic to illustrate our eDNA work. Learn more here.

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Virtual tour photography and editing: Ocean Sciences Department Virtual tour for Bangor University, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Davies.

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Mussels as reefs: I filmed and edited a short film for Bangor University, titled ‘Mussels as reefs: what do you think when you hear the word reef?. This was part of an internship paid for by the Bangor Employability Award, for which I received the highest award.

Museum short film: I filmed and edited this short film for Manchester Museum, which follows the creative journey of writer and poet Helen Clare (also see my blog post here).

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Plastic pollution: See my video on plastic pollution here, and be inspired to join the plastic pollution solution.

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Logo design: I designed the logo for our campus plastics campaign at Stellenbosch University Department of Botany and Zoology, which aims to reduce plastic waste on campus: