My communication experience

I communicate information to a range of audiences. Check out my experiences below, and get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Guest lecturing and teaching – science communication lectures (from undergrad to PhD and postdoc level). Also experienced in biology teaching.

Youth outreach – In a range of contexts with all ages of youth and their families (including beach cleans, wildlife walks, arts and crafts, climate debates, school programmes, biodiversity surveys, bioblitz’s etc…)

Fronteirs for Young Minds Reviewing – Hosting groups of kids to review academic papers that are written for children. I highly recommend visiting Fronteirs for Young Minds- you can see one of the published articles that was reviewed by our group by clicking here.

I am a TEDx committee member – with the local TEDxStellenbosch group . I have designed posters for events such as the “BIGGER THAN US” event pictured here.

Enhancing your career with #SciComm – a short video for young scientists, encouraging the involvement of scientists in SciComm. Watch on YouTube here.

Young Science Communicator winner – I designed and created a comic to illustrate our eDNA work, winning me the open category YSCC first prize. Learn more here. This also contributed towards my recent prize from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (see here).

Photography – I love to capture my work through photography, and use this for communicating important messages where relevant. The example pictured here is where one of my mangrove monitoring photos (LEFT) was used in a recent IUCN report.

Videography – Some messages are best captured in video, and I enjoy these projects immensely. Whether it’s filming in the lab, in the field, or if I’m translating an important call for action- video has been a powerful medium for me to communicate science.

Mussels as reefs: I filmed and edited a short film for Bangor University, titled ‘Mussels as reefs: what do you think when you hear the word reef?. This was part of an internship paid for by the Bangor Employability Award, for which I received the highest award.

Museum short film: I filmed and edited this short film for Manchester Museum, which follows the creative journey of writer and poet Helen Clare (also see my blog post here).

Plastic pollution: See my video on plastic pollution here, and be inspired to join the plastic pollution solution.

Logo design: I designed the logo for our campus plastics campaign at Stellenbosch University Department of Botany and Zoology, which aims to reduce plastic waste on campus.

Virtual tour photography and editing: I created the Ocean Sciences Department Virtual tour for Bangor University, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Davies.