Check out some of the news coverage for our work on this page. You can also feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter @zoologymolly.

  1. Leading Women in Marine Science: Read my interview for the ‘Leading Women in Marine Science’ series with Hannah Rudd here: 
  2. Two Oceans Aquarium:Read our feature on the Two Oceans Aquarium blog. We are collaborating with this fantastic aquarium, using their vast range of aquarium tanks to validate our environmental DNA metabarcoding research in South Africa.  
  3. Mikoko Pamoja and the UN-REDD+ programme: Following my work with Mikoko Pamoja mangrove conservation in Kenya, I was honoured to present our research at a UN-REDD+ symposium, for the United Nations programme for reducing emissions from deforestration and forest degradation in developing countries (presentation can be found here).The Mikoko Pamoja project itself has received much media attention, and was declared as a winner of the prestigious Equator prize in recognition of the outstanding community efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
  4. Seven key stages of oviparous elasmobranch development: Read about our research on oviparious elasmobranchs, and their development inside the egg cases in the University of Manchester article. Keep an eye out for our recently published paper detailing the seven key developmental stages!
  5. Fish blood research in Germany: Read about my internship at the Alfred  Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research on the AWI blog. I joined a team of researchers who were unravelling the relationships between fish blood oxygen binding capacity, gene expression and future climate scenarios.
  6. Marine Mammal Surveys: See the article about our exciting cetacean survey here. It was a great marine mammal survey where we spotted a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of South Stack in Anglesey, UK! Watch the video below.