Publications & Presentations


Browse the scientific research papers that I’ve been working on below.

Shark egg development

Musa et al. 2018: Oviparous elasmobranch development inside the egg case in 7 key stages

Sea urchin aquaculture

Suckling et al. 2020 (MV Czachur is joint first author): European Sea Urchin Somatic and Gonadal Responses to Differing Stocking Densities and Seawater Flow Rates: A Case Study for Experimental Design Considerations

eDNA BioBlitz

Hupalo et al. 2020

(MV Czachur co-author)

A rapid urban biodiversity blitz using aquatic environmental DNA

Who are policymakers?

(MV Czachur first author) We had an exciting discussion in a recent workshop, and it’s led to this commentary piece. Leave your thoughts on the paper and help us to understand policymaker perceptions towards science.

In prep: eDNA PhD papers

Look out for publications from my PhD, which are all currently in prep


I have presented my research at several conferences across the world. It’s been amazing to learn from others and strengthen the direction of our research through international engagement.

Speaker at European Conference of Tropical Ecology

I spoke at the 2017 conference on behalf of Mikoko Pamoja and our research in mangrove carbon offsetting, and it’s benefits for climate, community and biodiversity.

Speaker at UN REDD+ symposium in Sri Lanka

I spoke at the first International Research Symposium on Valuation of Forest Ecosystems and their Services at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 18 October 2016. I spoke on behalf of the Mikoko Pamoja project, sharing our research on mangrove carbon offsetting for the benefit of climate, community and biodiversity.

Best BotZoo PhD presentation of 2019 at Stellenbosch University

In the Annual Research Meeting of 2019, I was awarded the best PhD prize for my presentation on the use of environmental DNA metabarcoding for describing Southern African coastal fishes.

Presenting my PhD research

I’ve presented my environmental DNA research at:

• Fisheries Society of the British Isles 2019 (UK)

• International Barcode Of Life Conference 2019 (Norway)

• Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association 2019 (Mauritius)

• Seminars and guest lecturing 2019 / 2020 (South Africa)

Accepted and postponed: South African Marine Science Symposium 2020 (South Africa)

I’m always tweeting at conferences. You can join the conversation and tag me at @zoologymolly!