Scientific experience

I’ve worked on a range of scientific projects, from animal physiology to mangrove ecology and environmental DNA metabarcoding! You can read about my scientific experience below, or visit my comms portfolio for my scientific communication experience.

Environmental DNA

Beginning with my PhD, and expanding to supporting other projects, I’ve worked on a range of international and collaborative eDNA projects. Most recently, we ran an eDNA workshop in South Africa to share our own experiences with eDNA methods.

Museum curation

I was honoured to work on the Manchester Museum crustacean collection for a number of years. Yes, that means I’ve spent hundreds (or more) of hours sifting through dead crabs! It’s fascinating, each day I was opening boxes that may not have been opened for >100 years, and unwrapping the 100-year-old newspaper to reveal the specimen of interest. You can read all about my museum adventures over on my blog.

Field work

I am very experienced in the ‘field’, in other words I’ve worked on many projects where I designed experiments and field protocols, got familiar with local fauna and flora, and I have absolutely no trouble getting my hands dirty!


I have formal teaching experience in a range of settings- from university lecturing (undergrad and postgrad) to public speaking and even primary school teaching. I’ve also supervised university students, which has developed my teaching skills further.

Aquariums and animal husbandry

I have worked on a number of animal physiology projects- namely with sea urchins during my MSc and during paid work on elasmobranch physiology at the University of Manchester. I have gained extensive knowledge in the set-up, maintenance and functioning of experimental research aquariums, and also have practical experience of the dedication involved in animal husbandry.

Public speaking

I am in the early stages of my career, yet I have spoken at many conferences and meetings. One of the highlights of this journey so far was when I presented at the United Nations REDD+ symposium, presenting our research on mangrove biodiversity and management to a high profile audience. See the publications and presentations page for more.

Boat experience and marine mammal surveys

I participated in regular boat and land based cetacean surveys over many years, so am familiar with boat-based research and also with marine mammal ID and survey techniques.

Lab management

I have led a large laboratory setup in Stellenbosch University, and have thorough experience in the set-up, maintenance and management of a laboratory setting. This has included everything from laying floors (!) to ordering all necessary equipment, and then on a regular basis ordering and monitoring laboratory consumables.

Molecular skills

I have high competency in a range of molecular methodologies not limited to, but including: metabarcoding, PCR, qPCR, gel electrophoresis, gel purification, MiSeq sequencing, PCR optimisations (including extensive experience with PCR inhibitor removals!) etc.

Community-based research

I have lived and worked with an amazing community in Kenya, where we worked together as researchers, fishermen, youth and adults to achieve amazing results for climate, biodiversity and community. See more about the Mikoko Pamoja project here.

There’s so much more to share- please do get in touch if you think my skillset can be of use in your workplace. I have an exciting combination of research and science communication experiences, and would love to throw around some ideas with you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!